As I stand back and watch the two groups involved in the licensing debate trade barbs over different points, one thing becomes clear to me.  This is not about whether opponents oppose licensing.  It is about people that oppose PPIAC.  

In a recent blog article that was written by Ryan Ross, an opponent of licensing, the opposition decided to get down in the mud and defame the character of the leader of PPIAC.  What a true display of unprofessionalism and petty opinion.  

If the opposition is trying to position itself as “representative of a majority view PI licensing in Colorado”, then I think they need to come up with some answers themselves instead of throwing a bunch of nonsense out there.  I wonder to myself how many PIs the opposing group represents.  My guess is that it is less than 50.  Rick Johnson and his CSPI group has a few dozen members.  Bob O’Block has never listed (in public) who he represents and I suspect he has less than CSPI.  Other fringe groups like retired cops and federal agents are probably less than 5% of the total number of PIs in Colorado.  

Johnson was a former President of PPIAC and championed licensing in Colorado.  He even drafted a very strong bill that would have hurt a lot of small PIs (which when I saw it, was disappointed in).  And I know that Johnson got sideways with PPIAC and left the organization amid a lot of hurt feelings.  And so he has made it a crusade to bash PPIAC whenever possible.  

So I ask you.  Is this whole push against licensing a crusade to protect the industry and the consumer?  Or is it a crusade to defeat the PPIAC?  Based upon what I have seen so far in the blogs and the listserv, it is the latter.  

I don’t do a lot of investigating these days.  But I’ve been around this industry for a long time.  I don’t belong to either organization because of the petty politics that are always present in any group like this.  Everyone has an agenda and everyone has a personal opinion.  Just like me.  But I have friends in both groups and I hear what people are saying. And it is clear to me what Johnson and O’block are trying to do.  

I wonder if its clear to you, too?  I wonder if you (as a professional) enjoy being represented by someone that does not have your best interest at heart and is merely using YOU as the “reason” to oppose licensing…when you are merely a means to an end: Ruining PPIAC and anything it stands for.