Monthly Archives: May 2014

Last night, the Colorado House passed SB-133 and is on its way to the Governor to become law and allow Colorado to join over 45 other states that think the profession deserves regulation.  I, for one, am glad this bill passed and this eternal debate will finally end.  But before I fade into the woodwork and get on with my life and profession…I’d like to offer a few parting comments.

As expected, the overwhelming majority of those that have replied to my posts here on this blog have been against licensing.  It wasn’t surprising.  Even still, I have enjoyed reading the comments and believe that every person that took the time to do so believes in their heart that they were justified in their stance.  Even though I support licensing, I actually agreed with some of the points made by opponents of licensing.

This blog has been viewed almost 1,000 times (much more than I expected). While the 50+ comments have come from less than a dozen people, I think the number of “views” tells me that many more people were following the conversation.  For those that declined to comment, I hope these posts made you think about the issue and caused you to go read SB-133  for yourself and make your own mind up.

SB-133 leaves a lot in the hands of DORA, such as determining how many hours you need to qualify for a Level II License, how large the bond will be, and (of course) what the fees will be to obtain the license.  I urge the opponents of licensing to now take all of that energy and participate in the rule-making hearings that DORA will hold.  Think of this bill as a large lump of clay that has been formed into the general shape of a bowl…but is now sitting on the potter’s wheel, waiting to be spun into the final product.  You still represent the left hand of the potter and can help shape the future of licensing in Colorado.  Please don’t just sit on the sidelines and bitch. Get involved and stay involved. Its your profession. 

I said in an early post that I have friends on both sides of this issue.  Probably more on the “pro” side, but certainly some that were against.  I’ve talked to both sides on the phone and through email, never mentioning this blog.  But I’ve chosen to remain anonymous because I wanted to be free to say what I wanted without jeopardizing any of those friendships.  Notice the consistent use of the term, “friend”.  I don’t have any “enemies” on either side of this issue, and I want to keep it that way.  Life isn’t about making enemies.  As the old saying goes, personal politics have ruined more than a few friendships.  As far as my true identity goes, I’m sure it will always be the topic of speculation. But it doesn’t matter who I am.  Really, it doesn’t.

Oh, wait. One last thing.  Sorry, I can’t resist.  O’block, here’s a link to Writing For Dummies.  It costs about $13.  If that price doesn’t put you out of business, your clients will appreciate the improvement.

Thanks to all that viewed and.or participated.